About Us...

Acts of Random Theatre (A.R.T.)is a group of thespians - theatre enthusiasts - actors with over 200 collective years of stage experience who come together for the purpose of performance.

Past shows...


 In October of 2009, A.R.T. debuted with their first official production - POLTERHEIST! A comedy, mystery dinner theatre at 333 on Broad in Rome, GA. Thus began our season!

In December, continuing the dinner theatre concept, THE STYCKES UPON THUMP REPERATORY THEATRE'S FIFTEENTH ANNUAL FAREWELL TOUR OF CHARLES DICKENS' A CHRISTMAS CAROL was well received by Rome audiences.

In February,Susan broke from the flock and performed The Diaries of Adam and Eve in Chattanooga and Calhoun.

March marked the end of our season and the hysterical spoof of an awards show, MURDER AT THE TONY LOU AWARDS launched Monty Carlo (Ted) to instant fame!



Beginning the season early, Ted,Mandy, Sherry and Susan joined forces with "The Hangars", Ted's band from Calhoun to raise funds for the renovation of the historic GEM Theatre in Calhoun. Their collaboration resulted in "Patsy and Friends", A Tribute to a Country Music Legend - the first original work by A.R.T. members! YEE HAW!

The regular season will begin in October with a Christmas dinner theatre in December and a spring production in March.

As you read this we are probably running around with scripts in our hands!

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