DEC Has Achieved Great Success in Europe—Stanari Tpp Obtained Final Acceptance Certificate


On 19 September 2018, Dongfang Electric Corporation (DEC), the EPC Contractor of the Stanari Coal-fired Thermal Power Plant in BiH (Bosnia and Herzegovina), successfully obtained the FAC (Final Acceptance Certificate)issued by the Owner, EFT-Rudnik i Termoelktrana Stanari d.o.o. It marks the successful delivery of Stanari TPP.

The 1x300MW Stanari TPP (Thermal Power Plant) applies the new CFB (Circulating Fluidized Bed) boiler technology of DEC. The EPC Contract took effect on 21 December 2012, and the construction was started on 16 April 2013. On 08 August 2016, the performance test was completed and the TPP was officially put into commercial operation, which was 45-day earlier than the contract requirement. All indexes are excelled than the performance guarantees in the Contract. Among which the emission is lower than the latest EU (European Union) emission standards in particular, and the plant is the most advanced and environmentally friendly TPP in the region.

As the first project of the 10 billion US$ special loan under the 16+1 cooperation mechanism between China and Central and Eastern Europe countries (CEEC), it is also the demonstration project by means of first started and completed & put into operation under the 16+1 cooperation mechanism. The Stanari TPP is the first large-scale infrastructure cooperation project since China and BiH (Bosnia and Herzegovina) officially established diplomatic relation, and it is the first TPP which is independently designed and constructed by Chinese company in Europe. It is the first time that China's 300MW CFB boiler has been exported overseas and successfully put into Operation. This Project is a typical example of a win-win situation in which China's manufacturing, financial support and local resources are combined. The success of the Project is a major achievement in the economic and trade cooperation between China-CEEC, and it is also the first achievement of the “One Belt and One Road” initiative in the Balkans.

In addition to the EPC Contract, DEC also signed a five-year OM (Operation and Maintenance) Contract with the Owner, to be responsible for the operation and maintenance of the TPP and guarantee the availability of the first two years operation. During the first two years the TPP is operated stably, and both of the electricity output and availability are excelled than the contract requirements. While bringing lucrative profit to the owner, DEC has also established a great monument in Europe.