DEC’s First 4.0MW Onshore Wind Turbine Accomplished


The first 4.0MW (DF148-4.0) onshore direct drive wind turbine developed by Dongfang Electric Corporation (DEC) was successfully completed factory tests at its Tianjin Manufacturing Base on October 16th, 2018.

DF148-4.0 is a new generation of direct drive wind turbine with large capacity, long blade onshore. Upgraded from 2.5MW series products, utilized the new 3x/4MW platform design concept, it is a highly integrated design between electrical subsystems, and features high reliability, great efficiency, nice intelligence, good environment friendliness, excellent grid compatibility and low O&M cost. The rated power of the product under this 3.x/4MW platform can be optimized between 3.3MW and 4.0 MW. Meanwhile, the customized tower height is available, they are expected to minimize the levelized cost of energy of the specific project. The serialized products of this platform cover IEC II and III wind class and can be widely used in medium and high wind speed regions.

The DF148-4.0 wind turbine continues the technical route of the combination of direct drive, permanent magnet and full power conversion. Its blade, generator, main control system and pitch system are all developed and manufactured by DEC. It realized system-level optimization thus significantly improved the power generation efficiency in low wind speed. The 3x/4MW platform can be equipped with the self-developed B725A blade with a length of 72.5 meters. This blade adopts lightweight design and applies saw-tooth trailing edge and vortex generator. In one hand, it boosts the power generation performance and increases wind farm revenue, in other hand, it reduces source noise power and then decreases its interference to surrounding residents and living creatures. The generator and converter are designed with dual loops to reduce energy production losses during faults. The wind turbine is equipped with the patented technologies such magnet box fixing and effective prevention from demagnetization. The wind turbine control system matches its own SCADA system and intelligent production operation system. With it’s friendly human-machine interface and the ability of machine learning and automatic adjustment of operating parameters, the wind farm can achieve those functions of real-time production optimization under comprehensive conditions, fault diagnosis, fault pre-warning and dynamic storage optimization of spare parts and etc..

The new 8MW/10MW offshore direct drive platform was introduced together with this 3.x/4MW onshore platform in 2018 Beijing Wind Energy Exhibition on October 17th, 2018. It covers IEC I to IEC III wind regime and is widely suitable diverse wind resource and geological conditions in China.